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Le news di APC
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News APC Corporate

News Prodotti APC

  • Firmware Upgrades
    UPS Network Management Card 2 Firmware Update v6.5.0 primarily addresses a customer reported issue related to DCE connectivity where in on upgrade to firmware v6.4.6, SNMP v3 communication between StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE) and the Network Management Card would fail, resulting in the card going offline. In addition, it was observed that with some of the factory set model numbers not all functionalities were properly supported in the Network Management Card, which is fixed with this firmware update. Download the UPS Network Management Card 2 Firmware v6.5.0 (SFSUMX650, SFSY650 and language packs) from www.apc.com/tools/download now

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  • Industrial UPS
    APC is proud to announce its first solution in a new series of products targeting Industrial applications that require 48Vdc, 24Vdc, and 120V AC outputs in field cabinets. The APC Power Management Unit (PMU) is the worlds first DC solution that provides AC and DC power in one chassis. Conformal coated power boards, ruggedized design, built in Network Management Card, Ipv6 and SNMPv3 security protocols and more make this an ideal solution. Optional external batteries provide back-up power, battery harnesses and battery heating mats are also available.

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  • KVM Switches
    Schneider Electric is proud to annouce the addition of two new IP KVM dongles. The new dongles will be available in HDMI and DVI and will include virtual media KVM adapter with smart card support.

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  • Mounting Hardware
    APC by Schneider Electric NetShelter SX adds OSHPD certification to the list and seismic support for IBC High Seismic areas with the AR7701A-S High Seismic Bolt-Down Kit. The kit now also addresses healthcare applications in California that need to follow guidelines set forth by OSHPD Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development. APC by Schneider is now on the preapproved manufacturer's certification (OPM) list with the NetShelter SX IT cabinet platform.

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